Welcome To My Soul...

"How many secrets can you keep?"

Heey my name is Edgar.

I live in MEXICO I like music as Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, Simple Plan, Snow Patrol etc etc... Deeply in love with Nina Dobrev ok?

My previous account got deleted. (by tumblr 💔) 16/07/14 [2:45]

**Trigger Warning**I do not promote self harm, depression, anxiety, or any type of ED.

Do you remember that pain you feel in a finger when you write a lot? Well it hurts even more…

Anonymous: Someone told me that everyone need to Have a girl and a boy bestfriend, i Don't think that's like "necessary", what do you think? Do you have a boy and a girl bf?

I don’t think they’re “necessary” but they help you in a lot of different ways. Yes I have both of them, a boy and a girl bf and I love them. ☝️❤️